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6 Ways To Share Faith With Your Child | Muslim Girl

In this day and age, it’s harder to raise your children in your faith. There are many parents out there that don’t choose to bring their children into their faith, but you want to share it with yours. How can you do that in the modern age? Here are some …

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6 Tips For Crafting Your Own Jewelry | Muslim Girl

Making your own jewelry can be a wonderful way to explore your creative side, learn to work with hand tools, study up on gems, and expand your accessory collection with fun handmade pieces in no time! Even better, a line of your own jewelry creations can be an excellent way …

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Why We Need to Talk About Miscarriages More Often | Muslim Girl

The names in the article have been changed to maintain the privacy of the individuals. When I saw mention of the idea for this article in our weekly pitch list, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to write it. Somebody very close to me went through this a while ago, …

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