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Praise be to Allah.

If a man sees the signs of sexual discharge impurity (janaba)
on his clothes, and he is not sure when the discharge occurred, and he had performed
several prayers (salaat) not knowing, he has to perform major ablution (ghusl)
and repeat the salaat from the most recent sleep in which he was wearing this
clothes. However, if he finds out that the janaba was from a previous sleep,
then he should repeat salaat from the last sleep he thinks the janaba occurred1.
The references (adillah) on the religious duty of performing ghusl due to janaba
in preparation for salaat are many, one of which is Allah’s command in the Qur’an,
a translated meaning of which is: “O’ You who believe, do not get approach
salaat while you are drunk until you know what you are saying, nor while impure
due to sexual discharge (junob) unless you are traveling about until you perform
ghusl” (4:43). And Ali’s narration (hadith), (may Allah be pleased with
him), in which he said “I was a man with frequent urethral discharge, so
I kept performing ghusl until the skin of my back started cracking, so I mentioned
this to the Prophet peace be upon him (or it was
mentioned to him) so the messenger of Allah (peace
be upon him) said, “Don’t do ghusl if you see urethral discharge, just
wash your male organ and perform wudu’ same as wudu’ of salaat. If semen appears,
then perform ghusl”2.
This hadith indicates that appearance of semen requires ghusl whereas urethral
discharge only needs washing of the sexual organ followed by wudu’.

From the book What Should You Do in the Following

1 Al-Mughni ma’a al-Sharh il-Kabeer
Narrated by Abu Dawood number 206 and verified sahih
by Albani in Arwaa’ al-Ghaleel number 125.

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