Flee of Americans from Afghanistan ‘Irresponsible’: Iranian Diplomat – Islam Times

Flee of Americans from Afghanistan

In a tweet titled ‘Irresponsible Running, Responsible Entrance’ on Monday, Rasoul Mousavi highlighted: “The flee of US forces from Afghanistan was ‘irresponsible,’ and Americans put the country on the brink of another civil war.”

“It is necessary that the Afghan government, the Taliban, the Mujahideen, and all Afghan National Forces save the country by taking a responsible approach to the future of Afghanistan and adopting courageous decisions in this regard,” the tweet read.

President Biden said Friday that the future of Afghanistan was in its own hands, but he promised Afghanistan President, Ashraf Ghani, that the United States would support the country even after American forces withdraw following nearly 20 years of war.

During a visit to Washington by Mr. Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, Afghanistan’s chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, Mr. Biden said the United States would continue to offer security assistance, as well as diplomatic and humanitarian aid, but his message was clear: The U.S. military is leaving.

Several US officials have previously told the Associated Press that about 650 US troops will remain in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in July (next month) to ensure the safety of US diplomats.

According to the Associated Press, the main US forces in Afghanistan will complete the process of withdrawing from Afghanistan in the next two weeks, but several hundred US troops will remain as part of a security program, especially at the US Embassy and Kabul Airport.

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