Woman in Islam

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Check Out How This Revert Learned To Pray | Muslim Girl

[embedded content] Before you watch this video you should know that this is not a step by step tutorial on how to pray. This video is of a revert who tells you how she learned how to pray during quarantine, the apps she used, and all other tips to help …

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If you have gotten through your teenage years, you know how many life lessons you had to go through and how difficult those years of your life may have been. Throughout those years, you began to develop your self-confidence, found your passion for the world around you, and even gained …

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A Is for Asexuality: Life as a Queer Muslim Woman in Pakistan

Come back when you are out of that closet. The words had been going round and round inside my head as I stood in front of a silver sequined jacket. Everything about that piece of clothing screamed “queer!” And upon listening closely, it echoed back my name. I had come …

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Does Islam Mention Sexual Diversity? | Muslim Girl

It’s Pride Month and we here at Muslim Girl are super excited to celebrate with our Muslim LGBTQ+ Community!  🌈 HAPPY PRIDE🌈 to all the LGBTQ+ Muslims out there ✨ We hope that today you remember that there is no sin in your existence. You always deserve safety, love, and …

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Georgia’s Board of Education Bans Schools From Teaching About Racism In America | Muslim Girl

“We believe that the United States of America is not a racist country, and that the state of Georgia is not a racist state.” The statement above, which uses blind patriotism as a tool to justify white-washing and villanize anti-racist efforts, comes from a resolution that was passed by the …

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London Attacker Who Murdered Four Charged With Terrorism | Muslim Girl

One week ago, a driver of a pickup truck in London, Ontario, ran down five pedestrians, killing four of them.  It was a premeditated attack, and he chose his victims because they were Muslim, the police said on Monday. “There is evidence that this was a planned, premeditated act and that …

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Ilhan Omar Faces Islamophobia From Her Own Political Party | Muslim Girl

United States Representative, Ilhan Omar, was caught in a crossfire with Jewish Representatives from the Democratic party over her recent question where she supposedly piled the U.S., Israel, Hamas, and the Taliban in the same category. During a video conference with Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Omar called for justice …

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7 Useful Islamic Apps for Muslims | Muslim Girl

Editor’s note: Appearance in this list does not denote an endorsement by MuslimGirl.com. These recommendations are from the author of the article. Being a Muslim can be challenging if you live in a non-Islamic country. However mobile applications are making our life easy!  The truth is that there is a …

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3 Tips for Successful Thrifting | Muslim Girl

Thrift store shopping can yield some terrific treasures, but the strategy you use will impact your enjoyment in the experience. Thrift shopping is a “see it, buy it” process; you can’t put it in your online basket and think about it. Whether you’re looking for clothing, camping gear, or a …

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